Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wedding Mob Scene!!!!

Ahhhhh, the first dance.  So poetic.   Soft music of Nina and Riley’s favorite song playing in the back ground.  Then SCCREEEEEEEEACH!!   The DJ's music stopped and he can’t get it playing.  The crowd is growing restless and not at all pleased by the activities of the DJ.

The wedding party starts to get closer to console or help. Whatever is needed!

Wait, the DJ finally gets the music playing, but not their song. Something fast pace. Nina and Riley shrug their shoulders and go with it.

The crowd starts to relax and calm down as a couple from the wedding party join in the dance to ease the awkwardness.

Then the entire wedding party joins in and wait............they are in complete unison. It’s a Wedding Mob Scene. SWEET!!!

The crowd explodes in applause and cheers. It was a great show.

Nina and Riley were married at The Historical Stillwell House.  I will be showing you more of their wedding very soon.  There were some very special things you must see

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jenn, Justin, a Jeep and two pups

 To see their review of our session go to the Wedding Channel

Jenn and Justin love three things in life.....their Jeep, their dogs and each other.  In reverse order of coarse.  We incorporated all into their session.  They wanted to go to Catalina State Park.  They thought, we could find a few spots along the road.  Did they remember who they hired to do their photographs?  LOL.  We are off roaders.  And so we took them and their sweet pups on a little hike through the park....Off trail too.  They were.... well...... a little surprised but happy with our efforts, time and definitely the outcome of the photos.

No studio can give you this.  :)

I - (Georgina) was in charge of puppy control most of the day.  Not such a good idea.  This is most often what we were looking to get in the picture......And..........

This is usually what we got.  LOL.

It was a great day, but in the end the little hounds were tired and said it is time to go home.  And hey, I'll drive.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vietnamese Wedding with a splash of Americana

Jon and I met Jane close to a year before the wedding date.  Jon and I were so excited because this would be our first Vietnamese wedding  with all the traditions.  But family members had other plans....they wanted a traditional Vietnamese photographer.  We :( understood. 

Then about 1 month prior to the wedding we get an email asking if that date was still available.  Luckily it was.  Jane wanted us to photograph her wedding.  Jane and Phat wanted the traditional Vietnamese wedding, but they wanted an American perspective  on the pics.  Oh we were excited. 

The catch was that we would be photographing along side the other photographers.  Ok we was definitely tight quarters at many locations, but oooooooh so worth it.  We had a blast learning their culture, enjoying their food and being apart of such a special day.

Traditional Vietnamese weddings generally spread over several days.  With families traveling the couple decided to do all the events in one day.

The day started at Jane's parents home.  Jane would wear this beautiful crimson colored traditional Vietnamese wedding attire .  I believe it is called Áo dài

This step in the day is called the Asking permission to "receive" the bride before the wedding day.  Phat and his family would make a trip to the bride's home with a gift of betel nuts to officially ask permission to receive the bride. This is when bride's family would confirm the wedding.

The groom, his family and friends bear elaborately decorated lacquer boxes, covered in red cloth.  The gifts inside the boxes represent the wealth that the groom's family will bring to the bride's family. Gifts are betel, fruit, cakes, a roast pig, fabric, and an abundance of jewelry for the bride. Usually, the number of gift boxes varies between 6 or 8, but never 7 or 9 since it is seen as bad luck.

The permission ceremony begins at the ancestor altar made by the brides family as you see below. Incense sticks are burned and the couple asks for permission from the ancestors to bless them. The couple turns and bows to their parents, gives thanks for raising and protecting them. The bride and groom then bow to each other.

A formal tea and candle ceremony along with speeches follow.

The bride and groom next will have a tea and candle ceremony.  They serve tea  to their parents first.

Jane and Phat changed into Phat's family's ceremonial attire.  I may be wrong on this, but I believe the beautiful blue ceremonial wedding attire has been in the family for several generations.
Next is the Bringing the bride to groom's house.   The couple is then brought to the groom's ancestor altar, where another ceremony takes place and the bride is introduced to the groom's relatives.

And more food.  Yum!!!

Some of the little ones running around, full of joy and laughter.  Such cuties.

Third stop of the day was the Church because Jane is Catholic. 

I found it very interesting that they did not kiss at the church alter out of respect.

And more yummy food.

Our next stop was downtown and the reason they chose us to photograph their wedding.  We had Jane wear both her Vietnamese and Traditional wedding gowns.

Jane and Phat had such a great light hearted personality.

Love this sequence.  We asked Phat to stand in the back ground and look at his beautiful bride.  He couldn't stand it, he had to come closer.  LOL and tap her on the shoulder.

Our final destination of the day was the reception held at Gee's Garden Bistro.  This is not a small space and it was packed with tables and happy guests.

It is tradition for the couple to go to each table of guests to thank them for their blessings.  This is the time that they collect envelopes that are gifts in the form of money .  (I think that should be incorporated at all weddings.  What a great way to kick off your marriage.)

They had one person at each table speak a blessing for the video tape and some tables played fun little games. 

They had a cupcake tower.  Biggest one I have ever seen.  They had to stand on a chair to cut the top.

Congratulations Jane and Phat.  We loved learning the traditions of your heritage and help capture the memories to show your children.  What a blessed day!!!!