Thursday, October 30, 2008

High School Senior - Chase

Chase is a Senior at Mountain View High School. Here are some of my fav's.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High School Seniors - Kimi

I mentioned in a previous post that we have been really busy. In addition to a catjillion weddings in the past few months, we have done several other shoots. Just finished up two High School Seniors.

Kimi is just adorable and was game for anything we threw at her. She is a Senior at Cienega High School in Vail. Here are some of my fav's.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brad and Carla

Brad and Carla were married at the Stardance on Sept 20, 2008.
The day was beautiful. We took Carla and Brad a bit to the artsy side....see below.

Started out getting hair and make up done. So many mirrors, I had to get some cool angles.
Look at this magazine shot.

Behind the Stardance is some really cool rustic silos. Such contrast to the bride. Carla is so gorgeous and dramatic. Love these!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kenny & Brittnee

September and October were such busy months for us. I am processing all the weddings and will share a few of my favorite pics.

Kenny and Brittnee were married at Saguaro Buttes on Sept 19, 2008.

Guys wore top hat and carried canes. They had their wedding party do their first dance to Soldier Boy. FUN...FUN...FUN. There were tears flowing all night, including the tough groom (who I think, shed the most). It was a great day and we enjoyed every moment.

This sunset is not enhanced....Straight out of the camera. AMAZING

Brittnee was just soooo beautiful. The Guys.

The Beginning of Blogity Blog Blog Blog

Blogs - Can't live with them, can't live with out them. Everyone is doing it. So here I am starting one. Lord, help me.

This will not be a "here is what I did today" My focus will be on weddings, current brides and grooms and maybe some trends and information. Jon and I love what we do. We love photographing, having fun, being creative and meeting so many wonderful and new families. We will throw in some of our High School Sr. and family shoots.

I am also a magazine-aholic. Including Wedding magazines. I could be a bride everyday of the week. In another life time, I would probably be a wedding consultant. But in this lifetime, I get to photograph blushing brides. Did I say "I love what I do". So with devouring magazines, I come across a lot of articles that help plan a wedding. I will often include such finds and share with you all.

Enjoy. Please leave me a comment or note. I would love to hear from you.