Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amanda andJustin Married in Sedona

Congratulations to Amanda and Justin.  They were married in Sedona and what an amazing weekend.  Amanda had her heart set on a winter themed wedding.  So she hoped and prayed for a little snow.  Be careful what you ask for......The biggest snow storm to hit AZ in years happened on her wedding weekend.  Highways were closed and we actually had more snow than the city where the winter olympics were being held.  The wedding party and the photographers made it up there.

The red mountains and rocks were covered with a nice blanket of snow.  We had to dodge rain, hail and snow on the wedding day.  But Both Justin and Amanda were in great spirits.  We were able to find a few moments in between storms to get off some amazing shots.  

They incorporated the snowflake into the reception by giving each guest an ornament to take home as a momentum.

Justin's parents surprised the couple by sneaking off during the reception and decorating the honeymoon room in style and romance.  How sweet is that.

We did a session the day after to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of Sedona.  The weather let up and the sun came out.  We had picture perfect weather.  The red dirt however, turned into red mud from the previous day.  Again Amanda and Justin were up for the task.  Boots and sneakers in tote to dredge through the mud and climb mountains.  Yes, we made them literally climb a mountain.  Not a complaint to be heard.  Instead, they were ready to take modeling to a new level. LOL

Side note:  Amanda has been a bridesmaid in two other weddings.  Many of the bridesmaid/groomsmen have been some of our previous couples or in other weddings. We have become part of their family and we love them all to pieces. 

We had such a great time and I leave you with this sweet couple walking through thte beautiful sanctuary of Sedona.  Congratulations.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tom and Stephanie Engagement

This is the engagement session for Stephanie and Tom.  Stephanie is one of those brides that just seems to immerse herself in the "fun" of her wedding.  Even though she is a busy lady with wedding planning, work and school.  She is detailed oriented and excited.  You can not help but fall in love with her, with  the excitement, and her charisma.  Plus....They are just so cute together.

While on the mountain we stumbled upon some snow.....Yes people, snow in Tucson.

This graffiti we stumbled upon, said - "will u go out with me Steph?   HAHAHA, our brides name is Stephanie. So we had to take a pic with it.

Steph and Tom will have their reception at the Sheraton. The hotel has huge fire pits out on the patio near the pools.  So after the main photo session, we headed back to the hotel for dinner and smores.  Stephanie and Tom will have smore's on the wedding night for their guests.  If the weather stays cool like today, it should make for a wonderful night.

We are so excited for your wedding and being a part of your amazing day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nicole and Ron Engagement Session

I thought I would give you a sneak peek of Ron and Nicole's Engagement Session because......well........ they got married yesterday.  Ron and Nicole have a really sweet special story that will give many people hope that there are 2nd chances in love.

They were high school sweethearts and have an amazing daughter together.  But circumstances were not right and they went their seperate ways.  But as fate would have it, several years later, they found love once again with each other. 

They celebrated an amazing wedding yesterday at La Mariposa and I can not wait to share the pics.  There will be some real unique and different shots that we have never done before.  Not to mention it was an amazing day for weather in Sunny Tucson.

I am so happy for you both and know you are having a kickin time in DisneyLand right now.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Luis and Michele E-Session

This is Michele and Luis.  Just a sweet sweet couple.  They are getting married this weekend and we are soooooo excited.  They have a whoppin 13 bridesmaids and 13 groomsmen.  One of our biggest wedding parties to date.  We went to the rehearsal last night and the wedding party alone filled up half the church.  LOL.


They are such a beautiful couple and Michele's eyes are to die for. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alyssa and Alex were wed at Saguaro Buttes

Introducing Alex and Alyssa as Husband and Wife. Married at the beautiful Saguaro Buttes on a magnificent fall Tucson day. Alyssa was a bride after my heart. A true Do-it-yourself-er. She took care and created most of her details for their wedding day.

To start the flowers. She bought live flowers on line. Some of the first batch of flowers were the wrong color. So the flower company had to overnighted the replacements. Ummmm can I say Stressful. They were on the phone with the company most of the morning and they kept assuring her it was arriving. With nearly only an hour left before the ceremony, the Fed Ex truck arrived. To the Brides relief.....and just in time. It was time to get to work for the center pieces.

So as the Girls are rushing around with the beautiful details of the day. We go to the Groom and his Posse. Oh yes taking it in stride and relieving their stress in their own unique way......Playing poker. They even brought their own table

The girls working away.

The Boys

The Girls...... 
This is a very sweet way to add a little bling with a fraction of the cost. Alyssa found crystal with stems that are inserted into the flowers. An amazing touch and stylized detail. Very easy to do.

Are you seeing a pattern here LOL

The girls finally almost ready.

The girls finished the flowers and prepping the Bride. They all had just the most amazing attitudes. They had fun even with the stressful situation. And ooooooh was Alyssa amazing. In the end, the wedding and reception was to die for and she got the wedding of her dreams
Alyssa's mom let me in on a little secret. Her husband had been with out his wedding ring for some time. So she was going to surprise him and put a new ring on his finger at the same time Alyssa was putting the ring on Alex during the ceremony. So Jon and I positioned ourselves so that we could get both shots at the same time. What a special moment for the parents.

Insert Advertisement :): Great reason to have two photographers.

Here is some of the beautiful details from the day.

I end this story with a stunning silhouette of Alex and Alyssa. Congratulations and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day.