Sunday, April 24, 2011

 We recently did an engagement session with the awesome Stephanie and Corey.  I brought along a sign and they were kind enough to go along with my antics.  I thought this would be a fun idea couples could incorporate in their engagement session and use for the wedding day.

The couple would place an enlarged picture of themselves holding the sign at key places at the reception.

This one could be used at the candy station.


Why not have this framed and next to the signing book or signing board.

Use them for table assignment

Use your imagination and personalize your wedding just one step more.  Truly, the best weddings are the ones that you have personalized and  have cute details such as this.

It is definitely awesome to send a picture of you both in the Thank you card, with the guest gifts or framed as your guests exit.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bryce and Margot's Engagement Session

We headed up the hill to one of the coolest (referring to temperature) places in Tucson.  Well it is cool too (referring to awesomeness)......Mt. Lemon.  Here we photographed Bryce and Margot's E-session and fun we had.

After all was done, we designed the Save-the-date magnets.   Cute!!!
As you can see they will be getting married this Saturday.  And we are very very excited to be a part of their day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chris + Cassidy = True Love

This beautiful couple is Chris and Cassidy.  Wed at the Reflections at the Buttes.  So many of our couple are just amazing people.  Chris and Cassidy were exceptionally amazing. Beautiful, Great personalities, great families, and just well rounded wonderful people.  It is couples like this that make our careers so rewarding.

The day started out beautiful with whispers of rain brewing in the sky. 


I love Chris's is contagious.

This is a bible that has been in Cassidy's family for over a century.  I thought it was such a special heirloom.

As the whispers of rain descended upon us, the wedding was moved inside.  Reflections at the Buttes moved swiftly to set up a beautiful ceremony indoors.  You do know that a little rain is good luck on a marriage.

Rain is also considered to be a good wedding omen in Germany, Sweden, and France. This is possibly because rain is associated with a bountiful harvest, and thus, fertility. Some believe that the rainier the wedding day, the more children the marriage will produce. (So if you get married during a downpour, I guess that you can expects to have triplets.

I love this photo of Chris's father next to Chris as he receives his bride.

The pastor incorporated all the family and friends by inviting them to surround the couple in prayer and support as they witnessed the union.

On to the reception.....
The cake was simply elegant in this black and white themed wedding.  Village Bakehouse was the Creator.

One of the favor's given to the guests was a pack of playing cards.  As the story goes, Chris and Cassidy actually met at a Blackjack table in Vegas.  Talk about hitting the jackpot.

Chris's expression when introduced was priceless.

Ahhh, the first dance.

On to some night shots and quiet time.

It was a very special day for everyone.  As I mentioned earlier that the rain was good luck.  And so it was as Chris and Cassidy are now expecting their first child.  Congratulations!!!!  We are so very happy for you both.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Heritage Highlands wedding featuring Samantha and Justin

Luscious grounds, Mountain backdrops and glorious clouds at Heritage Highlands.  Congratulations to Justin and Samantha....They tied the knot. 

I wanted to focus a little on their ceremony.  I love this photo of the bride approaching the groom in the foreground. 

There are so many special moments during a wedding day and I think one of the most touching for a bride is the moment her father puts her hand in her husband-to-be's hand.  So much much emotion transferring at that moment.  The sweet and sentimental look from father to daughter, the kiss of a father who has  taught his daughter everything she treasures and love that will endure the sands of time.

Heritage Highlands have beautiful grounds with a 3 level waterfall.

Simply elegant cake and cute personal touch on the favors for their guest.