Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Norman and Laura E- Session in Las Vegas


We go to Vegas every year for our continued education and Inspiration.  We go to WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photography International).  10,000 plus photographers from around the world gather. 

Laura and Norman are one of our couples here in Arizona.  When we booked their wedding they asked about doing an engagement session in Las Vegas.  Well, H-E-double hockey sticks......Yes.  So they drove out and met us when we were there for the convention.  We all had a blast to say the least.

There is no lack of backdrops or unique settings.  This canoe art work was my favorite location of the day.

Norman proposed to Laura in Vegas and they visit often.  So this town has a special meaning for the couple.

Vegas is the town that never sleeps.  High Rises, Hustle and Bustle and all nighters.  I love this next shot as it shows all this happening all around the couple as they sit in the middle of it all in a quiet moment. 
This is the restaurant that Norman proposed. 
There were so many favorites on this session, wish I could share them all.  I leave you with the night life in Las Vegas and off to dinner we went to the couples fav Italian restaurant.  Good wine, good food and best off all good company.  Thanks for the good time Norman and Laura.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tim and Nicole's Engagement Session

We had a great time photographing Tim and Nicole's Engagement Session.  We started the day up at Sabino Canyon.  The water was flowing and everything was green and lush.  They just go together like....just a sweet chemistry between them.

Shoes came off and across the bridge they went.  I think it was a little colder than they expected....LOL.  oops, but great pic.
After the canyon, Nicole wanted to head up to her family's home.  She grew up here and her dad has done some amazing landscaping in their backyard and wanted to showcase it.  And so we did.  Besides, if I remember the story correctly, dad introduced them.  Nicole's dad was Tim's teacher in H.S.  How is that for a reference.

We are very excited for their upcoming wedding and look forward to spending more time with this adorable couple.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's all about the Groom

It's all about the Groom.  LOL  LOL Hahahahhaha LMAO.  Who am I kidding.  We girls know who plans the wedding and who is the Queen of the day......The BRIDE.    Sorry guys.  We love you and couldn't live a moment with out you.  But the reality of it is:   it is our vision, our dream.  We love to plan our wedding, the details, the colors, the invitations, etc. And well.....most guys would rather find out the score from last nights game that they missed during the cake tasting.

We share our ideas with you and you nod in agreement.  You make a few calls and help make a decision on the menu. We are in love with you and  want you to be a part in the day.  We want your input. 

Here are a few ideas that couples have done to include the Groom or give the Groom a little somethin-somethin  on HIS wedding day.  Because in reality it is his day too.  Give it up girls, after all you are taking his last name and he is the other half and if he doesn't say his I Do.  Then you didn't.

One of the most common treats to surprise your man with is a Groom Cake.  This is a cake that is designed for him and only him.  It usually sits on the same table as the main cake.  No explanation needed, he is a Cubs fan.

The Groom had an uncle that was a well known boxer in Tucson and the Groom loves the sport.  Plus I think the Bride can throw quite a punch.  LOL.  So this was her tribute to her man.
The people, the tent and the fire are all cake or frosting.  This was the most detailed cake I have ever seen.  My very favorite cake vendor made this one.  Can you guess.....yes, Ambrosia

So your man loves sports.  What better surprise for him than him finding this cute little garter when he is under your dress.  Well you know what I mean.

Gifts for the groomsman.  Go unique and different.  Personalize it.  Guys, put your thumbprint on it.

Gift to the Groom.  The bride went to Reebok website and personalized running shoes in the color she chooses and put their wedding date on the tongue. Just so he wouldn't forget.  He wouldn't, I promise, He was an awesome guy.   Love her little note.
Give your wedding a Twist.  No signing Book in this wedding.  They will probably mount these beauties in some sort of shadow box and have this unique momentum from their wedding displayed in their home and used as a conversation piece for years to come.

What about clothing to incorporate personality of your man.  This Groom and all his groomsman had actual Samurai Swords.  The Groom made leather holders for the swords as a gift for each of his Groomsman.
And Grand Finally........Ladies, there is nothing sexier than a girl going the extra step to make her man happy.  This bride is Rockin the Argyle sock on the golf coarse for her man. 

 I hope this got some of your creative juices flowing.  Please leave me a note here or on face book to tell me some of your ideas for including your man and personalizing it to make it feel like his day too.