Sunday, May 31, 2009

In the event of a Fire - WHAT WOULD YOU SAVE

Hypothetically - Your house is on fire, what do you save.? Fast you only have seconds to react.

1. Family

2. Pets


I would imagine that overwhelmingly 99% you would say the 3rd thing would be photographs.

Yes, Photographs ranks right up there with the most valuable items you posses. Why you ask? They hold the value of putting images to your memories. Our memories are short and we loose much as we progress in age.....believe me.....I know. Plus you want your children and each generation to come to see these valuable jewels.

Pictures of your first birthday, your children, your best friend, your first car.......Your wedding.

Can you imagine loosing the first kiss or your first dance on your wedding day to a natural disaster or even to choice. I dare to imagine such a tragedy.

Just wanted to throw that out to all those brides wondering if they should have a professional photographer at their wedding. I can not imagine going through life wishing you had those photographs.

We will be at the next Tucson Bridal Magazine bridal fair on July 19th at the TCC. FREE ADMISSION!! If you want to reserve us to photograph your wedding before the rest of the brides, call us as soon as you have your date set. We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Brandon and Ashley - Tucson wedding at Saguaro Buttes

Say hello to Ashley and Brandon. Married in Tucson at the Saguaro Buttes on April 20th. We had a lot of fun photographing and spending time with this couple and they were so easy going and relaxed all day. Ashley had this huge smile on her the entire day. I think every shot at the ceremony has her smiling or laughing.

I love this shot of Ashley and her mom. It is just so sweet.

Brandon's brother and sister stood up for him in the wedding. I love that they made the decision to make this their own and not worry about all the traditions.

What a great looking wedding party

Ok.....Now this is one of our all time fav ring shots. Brandon is a HUGE baseball fan and also a batting coach/instructor. So of coarse they had to incorporate this into their theme.

They had all their guest sign two bats and a ball in addition to the guest book. LOVE this idea.

Each table had a Professional Ball Park Name: Wrigley's Field - Shea Stadium, etc.

So many of their shots just had a timeless feel to them. This next shot is no exception.

Congratulations Ashley and Brandon - We wish you a lifetime of love, happiness and laughter.

Friday, May 22, 2009


OK, so you have tons of pictures from your wedding or photo session now what???? I found this awesome site that is soooo user friendly and fun. In three quick steps you can have fun images like these. You have to try it out.

This is Jon's fav..... maybe because he is on the chest of one of America's most beautiful woman.. uh huh......

Taaadaaaaa....the end!

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Richard + Evelyn - Reflections at the Buttes

You may remember Richard and Evelyn from their very cool engagement shoot with the airplanes. This is a couple we will remember for years to come. They are so full of life, laughter and good natured. Both are attorneys, in the Air force and bursting of happiness. They had their wedding and reception at the Reflections at the Buttes on another beautiful April spring day.

Look at this beauty. She was just glowing all day long.

Their colors were classic black and red. Richard wore his blues. How handsome is he!

The cutest little thing happened at the ceremony. I am not sure if the guest even knew it happened. Kind of one of those "inside jokes" If you know John, the minister and owner of Reflections at the Buttes, well.... he has a GREAT sense of humor. During the rehearsal the day before he was joking with the couple about the actual kiss during the ceremony. Something was said to the effect of it is only a great kiss if it makes you kick up your leg.
So during the kiss in the actual ceremony, Evelyn kicked up her foot as the kiss from Richard must of been heavenly. John laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall over.
Do you love this ring shot as much as I do? Richard is a bit of a piano player.

The cake was elegant and was adorned with strawberries which could be sweetly smelled from several feet away.

There were so many laughs during the reception. I thought the second shot of Richard is just classic. He was made to get the garter with his teeth and hands tied behind his back.

First dance......AHHHHHHHH!!!!

This was such a cute idea for their Thank You cards.

So I will end this blog with one of my fav type of shots.....Romantic, under the stars, night time shot with the newly married couple. Richard kissing Evelyn on the forehead is just so tender.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stephanie and Alex Engagement Session

We met up with Stephanie and Alex to do their engagement session for their September wedding. May is a beautiful month with so much in bloom and there was no shortage for us on this day.

Such cuties.....

Love this shot.

Not sure why I like this picture...I guess because it looks like they are being sneaky about something. Maybe it's because Alex was somewhat timid with the camera until we turned our back on him and then he would tickle, kiss or jump on Stephanie for a piggy back ride. But not to worry Alex, we got some of those great shots. You hired photographers that are sneakier (is that a word?) If I recall that will make your soon-to-be mother-in-law very happy.

We ended with some fun as usual. They both got some air on this one!

We can not wait for your wedding. Getting to know you both was a pleasure and your wedding will be amazing.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ryan and Jessica - Reflections at the Buttes

Something Blue is proud to introduce you to Ryan and Jessica - Married April 4th at the beautiful Reflections at the Buttes. This Tucson Spring Wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect weather for photography.

Jessica did a superb job at planning this wedding. I think she would have a great future in Bridal planning if she ever wanted to change careers . This blog will be filled details and special attention to the little things that pull a wedding together. Her colors were a spring bright pink and a refreshing spring green. I know there are probably special names for the colors, but I am color-impaired.
Look at this STUNNING cake.

She had guest place settings to match the color scheme. Each one was lovingly made by Jessica. I like that each one is not identical. She used a variety of sizes and and shades of green.
Jessica put together these sweet fans for each guest. One side gave details of the wedding. Names of family and attendants. On the flip side she detailed out with a matching flower. We did a ring shot on top of one of them.
At each guests seat a special thank you gift was left for them along with a matching menu and napkin.
Guest found their table by looking for the table marker. Again, matching the color scheme, each one had a different picture of a Tucson Native Plant. I think Jessica and Ryan took the pictures themselves. The special details and caring to personalize this wedding was unbelievable
She spared no expense with her amazing bouquet. It was so beautiful and must of been quite a work out for her arms. The stems were about 2" wide.

This is the wedding party. I always love this shot and the girls dresses just pop.

Look at beautiful Jessica. She was poised, elegant and just a natural beauty - Inside and out.

And the boys.....Ryan ain't so bad himself. They look soooooo handsome.

Couple shots from their first dance. How Romantic.

Reflections at the Buttes has beautiful twinkling lights on the gazebo. What is more romantic than your dream man dipping you under the stars and giving you a romantic ending to an amazing fairy tale day.