Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tom and Stephanie - A Wedding packed with Personality

Congratulations to Tom and Stephanie.  Married this spring in Tucson, Arizona.  Their ceremony was held at the beautiful and historic St. Philips Church.  The reception was held at Sheraton Hotel and Suits.

As you will see they jam packed their personality into this wedding.  For the love of the Wedding God's people, you need to do this.  Personality, Personality and yes more personality is what makes your wedding memorable-personable and perfect.

I hope you enjoy their story.

Can a Church seriously get any better than this.  Love our Tucson heritage.

The reception is where you really see the personal touches come alive.  To start, here is the 4-tiered cake made by my all time favorite cake maker - Ambrosia

Abrosia went above and beyond with the Grooms cake.  Camping is one of the couples favorite activities so Stephanie surprised Tom with this amazing personalize Groom Cake.  All the people and props in the cake are edible.  Check out the detail.

We added a little ambiance to the pic.  LOVE IT!!!

Stephanie and Tom put together this scrumptious table of yumminess.  Color coordinated in cute jars and stacked in different heights.  What a Delicious surprise for the guest and great tummy and eye candy.

They put together a special kiddy room packed with toys, games and prizes.  It gave the little ones a place to retreat to when they needed some kid time away from all those crazy adults.

I know I harp on this alot, but girls, those dogs get tired after a long day of being a princess.  So dress those puppies up.  Stephanie chose this amazing pair of purple tennies that she had embroidered with the words "Tied the knot".  SSSooooooooooo cute.
As the night winded down, the couple started a conga line in the reception.  Everyone was encouraged to join the dance.  Tom/Stephanie led the entire reception party down the stairs and to the pool.  To the surprise of all the guests, the couple took the ultimate plunge.....they went feet first with Tux and Wedding dress in tow into the pool.  To Stephanie/Tom's surprise bridesmaids/groomsmen and a few guest joined them one by one by jumping in the pool with them.  The expressions and gasps from the guests was priceless.  It stopped all of the random hotel guest as this was a spectacle that most have not seen before.   

Now for S'MORE DETAILS.....LOL. (Pun intended.)  The gift to each of the guests was a small package containing ingredients to make their own s'more down by the fire pits.  Keeping in the camping theme.

So I leave you with our sweet couple snuggled in each others arms and ending the evening with such love and romance.  Thank you Tom and Steph for allowing us to be a part of your amazing day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

La Mariposa wedding featuring Ron+Nicole

This AHHH-Mazing wedding is that of Ron and Nicole.  Married at the beautiful La Mariposa.  The green oasis in the desert and a little piece of the green heaven we usually miss here in Tucson.  Nicole was a giddy and excited bride.  She was radiant all day and Ron was stunningly handsome. 

Nicole had her reception shoes embroidered with I (heart) Ron.  Her colors turquoise and Red.

I have mentioned before about these personalized hangers that can be found on Etsy.  I llllllloooooove them. 

Just a note for anyone wanting to buy them.  They are made out of  light aluminum and will not hold up the weight of the dress for more than a couple minutes.   Upside:  Does look great in pics and  how amazing would it look to hang your lingerie up on it on your honeymoon.
Gorgeous I tell you. 

My sweet hubby rocks the guys shots every time.  Love this. 

This cute shot was the brain child of our bride.  The beautiful young lady on the right is Ron and Nicole's daughter and the sweet young lady on the left is Nicole's best friends daughter. 
Isn't that just sweet!!!

We were recently asked if we mind children at our weddings.  Are you kidding........we love them.  They are spontaneous, fun and love dressing up and feeling like princesses.  Put a girl in a pretty dress and give her an acre of grass and here is what you get.  :)

Mmmmmmmmmm details.

The first dance....Sigh

Ron and Nicole left with a bang.  Sparklers.  And wait till you see what we did with them.  The Grand Finale of Love.

Thanks for stopping by.....More beautiful AZ weddings coming up.