Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jessica and Jose - Young and in Love.

Ahhhhhhh, to be young and in Love.  So refreshing and inspiring.  I introduce to you Jose and Jessica.  We started our day out at Hotel Arizona.  The ceremony took place at the beautiful and historical St. Augustine Catholic Church in downtown Tucson. 

Dad stands quietly in the background watching his baby prepare to be wed and enter into her own life as a wife.

St. Augustine.....It is such a beautiful building standing so tall and proud.  It is simply breathtaking.
Mariachi's.  Oh how I love thee.  Such a great tradition to have at your ceremony. 

I love when weee babies just randomly in their own little world find themselves in center spotlight.

I love the colors of our Lovely Tucson.  Matched with our sweet couple and very large wedding party, we have some stunning pics.  Hope you enjoy.

Good night lovelies.  Hope you enjoyed their wedding day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anthony and Darcy's -Wedding - Pre-gaming It!!

Tucson Bride and Groom Magazine's Blog featured the wedding of Darcy and Anthony.  Follow the link if you would like to see their deliciously yummy details.  So in honor of that I thought I would share their pre-gaming.  As the blog mentioned, Anthony loves and plays baseball.  They used this in the theme of their engagement session (click on link to see) and in their rehearsal dinner.

Starting with the Ballpark menu, baseball themed linens and everyone dressed to impress with their favorite team logos on.   A day at the park would not be complete with out Hamburgers and hot dogs and a cold one.

This lil beauty is the signing book we created for them. I have a copy in our studio if you want to see it and use the idea for your wedding day.

No experience is complete with out a Beer Vendor.  No, he is not hired help, it is one of the Groomsmen.

The Brides team.
The Grooms team

Find Waldo in the crowd...aka Georgina......Can you find me in my baseball get up.

Oh yes, this is Jon on the roof and in his fav team colors.......he bleeds Sedona Red - Go Diamondbacks.  Sorry Anthony. 

We had such a great time getting to know this family and being a part of their perfect day.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Matt and Emily married at a Tucson Treasure - Tanque Verde Ranch

Emily and Matt were married at the Tanque Verde Ranch.  When people see pictures that we have displayed of this location they are always surprised it is Tanque Verde Ranch.  This is a location hidden on the East side of town and just a Tucson treasure.  They have so much to offer from the rustic to the lush.  The green grass is kept up year round and they have a beautiful pond with a quaint old wooden bridge.  The event Planner -  Cindy- is one of the hardest working professionals in the industry and will take care of your every need.

Emily and Matt had many children in their extended family and this was a huge part of their day.  There was kiddo's everywhere and cute as a button.  It was important to them to incorporate and allow them all to be part of the big day.

Something about her blue eyes that penetrate my soul.  I'm just drawn in.

Emily and Matt had a pretty good size wedding party.  Larger size groups are not a problem.  Gives us more levels to work with.  The girls side was especially large with the Jr. Bridesmaids and flower girls galore

The Girls.

Tanque Verde Ranch is nestled up against the majestic Rincon Mountains.  Beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.
The next series of pictures are of just Emily and Matt.  Just gorgeous and dramatic.    In Tucson, we do not have many seasons.  It's really only hot and not so hot.  Green or not green.  Their wedding took place in the not so hot and not so green time of year.  But we love making lemonade and just look at the dramatic scenes that were created.

On to the reception and lettin the hair down.

Smashin the cake......Oh Yay.....your photographers and guests love this.  I know many of you women say no way in double H hockey stick.  But it really is fun.  Come on and let go-  It's a party!!!   Just make sure you have white cake.  Black or red stains the face......Oh yes, seen it happen.

Some cwazy dancing and good times by all.

Beautiful ending to a special day.  Congratulations you two cuties.