Sunday, December 4, 2011

Playa Del Carmen Part 2: Wedding Day

Part two of Michael and Traci's dream wedding at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. 

Part of me wants to apologize in advance for the length of this blog, but the other half wins as it squeals with glee on how awesome this is.  If I over use the phrase :   OMG or Sigh, well... (get over it).

  Traci's dress was an Ian Stuart designed dress.  1st OMG.  Yes this dress was amazing .

And The shoes....sigh.

The hair was simply elegant.

Traci's eyes in this picture would knock any man off his feet.  Michael you are
a lucky man.

Traci and Michael added so many special touches to this wedding day.  They had their vows hand
written in a personalized wooden covered book. 

The gazebo in the background is to be the location of the ceremony.  The ocean
is just a few feet away.  Sigh!!!!
The Gazebo  view from the Brides room.

And the entourage is on the move.

Here Michael awaits the love of his life and his dad smiles
up at him proud as can be.

Traci's Dad having a moment, is one of my favorites of the week. He loves his baby.

I love this pictures because as Michael is going in for the kiss, he has a
big smile on his face.


As we took some beautiful ocean side photos, the staff at Playa Del Carmen prepared the reception location.

OMG!!!!!  Are you kidding me, this is AHHHmazing.

Dinner was beautiful and tasty.  Presentation. Presentation, Presentation.
This is what you see in Hollywood movies.  Are you serious. Yes, folks, this is the reception.

And this is the reception at night.  Come on, say it with me "OMG".

The first dance was as romantic as you can image and ending with fireworks.  UMMMM yes, please.

Drinks started flowing and cigar a rolling.  And now its a party.  The rest really needs no

Well what an amazing day.  You must be exhausted just reading this.  But's not over.

Can you say FIRE DANCERS!

And the Grand Finally of the night.....Night Shots.  Whew......Thank you for hanging in there and reading through this beautiful moment in time. 

Remember this is only Part 2.  Please come back for some amazing eye candy in Part 3.

Michael and Traci - Congratulations.
And thank you for allowing us to be such an intricate part in your Dream day.