Monday, January 31, 2011

And the Winner is..........

Congratulations to Samantha Brooks. 
 You are the winner of our free Engagement give away.  Please call us at 808-9812 or email us at to claim your prize.

Thank you to everyone for visiting us at the Bridal Show.  Remember to mention the free 20x30 Print that you receive when you book your wedding with us.  This is a $375 Value and a great piece of Art to decorate your new home with.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jesse and Shasta

Congratulations to Jesse and Shasta.  We met Shasta a long while back when she was beginning the planning of her wedding.  Her sweet love was deployed, so we did not get to meet Jesse till his return home.  I actually followed Shasta to the airport to photograph his return and the first reunion in many months.

Shasta and Jesse were married at the Historical Stillwell House downtown.  Georgina started the day out with the Girls at Gadabout on Speedway.

Once we finished up there we headed to the Stillwell House where the couple chose to do a first meeting.  I love the parasol Shasta brought.  It really puts finishing touches with the background of a Historical building.

Do you love this sign or what.......It was perfectly aged and designed.  It is a great detail that they will be able to use in their home forever.

The Men look amazing.

As do the Women.
Shasta had these amazing shoes.  She said the minute she saw them, she knew they were for her.  Love the pattern and detail.

A peek through the foliage of the couple as they are giving their vows.  The leaves almost form a Heart.

Ending the night with sparklers as the happy couple heads off to their honeymoon.  Congratulations Jesse and Shasta.  Thank you Jesse for your service and sacrifice for our country.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tucson Bridal Expo This Sunday

RUN........don't walk to the Tucson Bridal Expo this Sunday, January 16th, 2011.  It will be held at the TCC in Tucson from 11:00-4:00.  The best news is it has Free admission.  This will give you a chance to meet Jon and Georgina and see their work in person.

We are excited to see you there.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This love story is about Stephanie and Todd.  Married at SaddleBrook's Mountain View Country ClubMountain View actually gives you many amenities that you usually do not see in Tucson.  The Ceremony site makes you almost feel as if you are in the mountains.  The golf course is kept beautifully and lends to some very green lush backgrounds.

Here is the bride and her entourage preparing for "The Moment"

Mom pinning on the last details.

See....the trees, the mountains in the distance and the grass.  Just a great romantic setting.

The Country Club itself also offers some very creative backdrops.  The inside is decorated in a western decor and very classy.  So when in Rome, we had a little fun with Steph and Todd.

Thought I would show you the ball room.  It was simply elegant.  Sparkling lights, white linens and a soft touch of light green.

Lovin the Grooms Cake.

Minutes before we headed out to the ceremony site, I asked Steph if she had seen the post on our blog about their engagement.  She said she did not and proceeded to pull it up on her phone.  LOL had to take a pic.

We wish Steph and Todd a lifetime of joy and happiness.  On a side note:  Both of them serve actively in the Military and we are so proud of them, the service they give and the sacrifice for our country.  Thank you Stephanie and Todd.  Love you both.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cake cutting adventure at Saguaro Buttes

Yikes, it is 2011!!!!!  And we started out our year with a bang on January 1, 2011.  1-1-11 wedding at Saguaro Buttes.  I am not going to show you the wedding of this simply amazing and FUN couple, but I am going to show a scene from their wedding.  LOL.  (Other pics to come at a later date)

I think Larry and Robin will appreciate the humor in my post. (At least now that it is over)  As this was one of the most animated Cake cutting's I have seen to date.  Please come with me on this comical wedding moment.

Oh, I must say, Robin and Larry are stunning.  Is it just me or Robin like a character out of a Hollywood movie and look at those baby blues.

Ahh, so all is going well, the cake is cut and they are ready to feed each other. They had promised to be nice before the cutting.

Then for some reason Larry sees a wicked little gleam in Robins eye.  He points the finger and warns....."Be Nice"

Apparently Robin did not see this playing out the same way.  Bam!!! In Larry's face.

Yes, Robin did not make it out clean either.  But victory and ahhhh, we are done and cleaning up.......BUT WAIT........IS IT??? 
OH Yes, the Groom did!!!!  Not only did he, but his Best man sandwiched her and proceeded to smash cake in her face.  Laughter and gasps filled the room.  Poor Robin.

But wait, What is this....the maid of Honor comes out of nowhere and slam dunks a huge piece of BLUE (you know it stains the skin) piece of cake all over the Grooms Face.  Booooya!!!!!!

And that my friends is how you cut your wedding cake. 

PS... Go back and look at bride and best mans expressions.  PRICELESS.

But to end this on a romantic note:  Since fireworks are now legal in AZ they had to let off a few.  Ahhhhhhh