Wednesday, December 31, 2008


From our family to yours.....We wish you a safe, successful and Happy New Year!!
As you know we have 6 kids between us. Add in a couple boyfriends, girlfriends, two dogs and.... well it's a party. How fast they grow. I think I am now the shortest in the bunch.
To all the brides and grooms we photographed in 2008 - Thank you and we wish you all the happiness in the world. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to meet your families and become your friends.
To all the brides and grooms we will photograph in 2009 - Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to sharing one of the biggest days of your life and giving you photographic memories you will cherish for a lifetime.
Best wishes, many smiles and lots of laughter
Jon and Georgina

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aaron and Vicki

Aaron and Vicki were wed on November 8th and their receptions was held at the Wild Horse Oasis on November 8Th. They found us at one of the local bridal shows. For their one year (dating) anniversary, they surprised each other with a photo shoot. Not knowing that each were giving the same gift. Aaron chose us and Vicki chose another local photographer. They decided to go through with both shoots and then choose the photographer for their wedding based on the results. They loved us and a year later we were privilege to photograph their lovely wedding.

The girls started out at Spiral Salon. Very trendy and upbeat salon with very nice people. Vicki had the prettiest dark long flowing hair with porcelain skin.

Caught Vicki peaking out right before she walked down the isle. How cute is that.

The ceremony was at St. Thomas Catholic Church near Sunrise and Swan. Beautiful location and architecture.

Love both these shots, but the one on the right is so precious. They look like they just married their best friend.

We had a great time photographing their wedding party. They hiked through the desert for us and put up with all our suggestions. In the end....Vicki and Aaron ended up with some amazing shots of the day.

What can I say.....these are gorgeous.

One of their family members gave them a gift of hand made quilted squares. Each guest signed the square in permanent fabric ink. Then the quilt will be sewn and given back to the couple to cherish for a lifetime. That is one of the most amazing gifts I have ever seen. Truly a gift of Love.

They look so in love.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


First I like to say Happy Holidays to All!!! Merry Christmas or Happy Hanuka or Just Happy Holidays. I have had little time to enjoy the festivities. In fact I did most of my shopping yesterday for the 1st time. I wish everyone a safe, happy and fulfilling time with your family.

I usually do not like to blog about us. But I am going to. We had a last minute opportunity to run down to Sedona for the weekend. I am thinking - ahhhh relaxation. Jon is thinking - how can we explore every hill in Sedona and utilize every moment. Well, he won. We hiked for 7 hours on Saturday and about 4 hours on Sunday. I can't complain, I love it just as much as he does. If you know us, we are very "outdoorsy" (is that a word?)

Jon loves Native American Indian culture and studies it as if it were his own ancestors. Probably is along the blood lines somewhere. We have an extensive library of Petroglyphs photos and explore places that most do not know exist. I will have to post some of our finds as soon as I have a moment.

Before we left town, we stopped and used our timer on our camera to get these shots.

This is me trying to ruin Jon's shot. Guess I succeeded

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hello Everyone,
You should rush and pick up a recent issue of Tucson Bride and Groom Magazine. We have a two page spread of one of our recent weddings - Dina and Francis. It is so fun to be published. In addition to that, they used 9 images of ours in random articles. Below each image or at the bottom of the page, it will note: Photography compliments of Something Blue Photography. We love our pictures, but it is so comforting and encouraging to see that others feel the same as we do.

I will be sending a copy to all of my wonderful couples that were used through out the magazine.....YOU ARE FAMOUS!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ashley and Josh E-Session

We photographed Ashley and Josh's engagement session couple weeks back. What a great couple. They brought their sweet puppy for a family portrait to boot. We took them downtown (our fav spot) and had a great time. I think the finished results is a lot of fun and edgy. Ashley said she couldn't stop smiling as she looked at them. They are getting married Jan 3rd, so you will see their wed pics soon after. I tried some new techniques on some pics to give that edgy/trendy look. Enjoy

Monday, December 15, 2008

Donald and Ashley

Donald and Ashley were married October 11 at Sacred Heart Church and the reception at the Wild Horse Oasis. What a fun loving couple and group of friends and family. Thier daughter is just amazingly cute.
Sweet reminder from Ashley
How Beautiful is this!!!!
Donald is a lover and a fighter :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

David and Casey

We did Casey and David's engagement session a few weeks back. Here are some of our fav's in a cool slide show. They are getting married next weekend and we are very excited, because we had such a great time with them at the shoot. They are soooo cute.

Take at look at the P.S. I love you poster. We are offering cool movie posters featuring both of you in the movie of your choice. Cool!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dina and Francis

BUSY...BUSY....working around the clock. This wedding season has been awesome.

We photographed Dina and Francis wedding. This had to have been by far the most sentimental wedding to date. This couple is from the Philippines and had family traveling from there and other locations around the world. Their ceremony was at St. Elizabeth Seton and reception at the Westward Look

They had the fabric for their wedding attire and gifts that were given to guests brought in from the Philippines. They took dance lessons to surprise their guest with a wedding waltz that brought me to tears. There were 9 children in the wedding party. There were so many special things about this couple and their wedding that there is too many to mention.


Check out our new website!!!! It is incredible. We have already had new brides call just because they liked it. It is showcasing a ton of new brides/grooms from this past year. We still have some updating to do and it will continuously change- overall I think it is a perfect fit for Something Blue.