Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tubac - Amazing Southern Arizona Wedding Venue

Funny Story...
This amazing wedding is all about Jade and Louie.  They are living proof that we are given 2nd chances in life and it is a HUGE blessing.  I have actually known Jade for 20+ years.  We went to the same church and our two little 1 year old boys adored each other and played all the time.  We became great friends.  As life would have it, Jade went one direction in life and I went another.  But for some reason our paths would cross and we would run into each other about ever 2-4 years.  We would hug, give a quick catch up and be on our way.  So about a year ago Jade went to the Bridal show at the TCC and somehow missed our booth.  They went to the car to leave and Jade decided to run and hit the bathroom before they left.  As she was heading that way, she ran into me........Hug, quick catch up and away she went.  It was always great to see her.

Long story made what seems to be long - LOL.   She contacted me to do her wedding in Tubac.  I am so blessed to have been apart of the incredible Love that Jade and Louie share and the bringing together of such an amazing family.

I wanted to share some of her details. Above  Louie made these ornate and just gorgeous hanging lamps that lined the isle at the Church of Tubac.   Such a loving touch by the Groom.

Below is some of Jades amazing bling.  The necklace and earrings are to die for.

This sweet pic is Jades and her step-daughter.  The two of them had a sweet connection.  Jade like me has 3 boys of her own, so I am sure she will have a lot of fun with a daughter.

Both Bride and Groom were glowing.  I am so happy for them.

On to the reception and some more yummy details.  Jade put together this amazing Candy Bar.  She had to keep buying more candy because all the kids were digging in at home before it got to the reception.  LOL.  Kids.  Jade actually used some very common candies:  snickers, oreos, licorice, reeces, ect. which makes it easy for all you brides to do.   Its all in the presentation and display.  I love the ribbon laced cake stands and ornate plates.  Makes you hungry just looking at it.  Mmmmmmmm

Our night shots were kept simple, but were blessed with an amazing full moon.  It was like it was looking down on them and smiling.  Hope you enjoyed their love story and we will talk soon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey everyone. We need your help. The knot is selecting their top vendors and we would love to be in the running for Tucson. They are basing their choice on the number of positive reviews on the Wedding Channel. You have to use your Knot account or create a new one. Please help if you can.

Click here for The Knot's Wedding Channel.  Then Click the "Write a review" on the right side of page.

Thanks......Hugs.....Jon and Georgina

PS.....Tell your friends too.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shabby Chic Engagement Session

I am calling this my Shabby Chic engagement session.  Ready's yummy.  This sweet couple is Brandon and Katie.  Their wedding is garden themed and well you know there is not alot of garden options in Tucson.  Soooooooo we created our own interpretation.  I am not going to write any more.  Let the pictures speak for themselves.  Sigh........Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ps...except, congrats Katie and Brandon.