Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Travis and Bernadette Wedding at Reflections at the Buttes

We had the sweet pleasure of photographing Bernadette and Travis's wedding this September at the beautiful Reflections at the Buttes.  This couple had a lot of clear ideas of how they wanted to personalize their wedding and pulled off an amazingly extraordinary event.  It was full of dancing, laughter and good times.

Their colors were very unique - Green and Blue and it was weaved into the scheme of the entire day.  Just check out this Incredible cake.

The couple loves Champagne and had different champagne labels on each table to help their guests locate their seats.

What a Beauty

Travis had some style going on too.

The Kiss.....AHHHHHH

For anyone that reads this blog, you know that I am a sap for the father-daughter dance.  But this Mom won me over with your unique and I must say tear jerking spin on the mother-son dance.  There was a song faintly playing as a pre recorded love letter to her son was spoken in her voice.  The entire song was her speaking of her love, admiration and respect for her son.  It was by far one of the most unique and heart felt events at a wedding that I have seen.

This is the grooms little sis, who was just so sweet all day.  She just loved watching all the dancing and romance.

The green bandanas were neatly ironed and folded and hung from the back of the groomsmen's pants.....but as the drinks flowed and dancing ensued, they ended up tied around their heads.

Thank you Bernadette and Travis for allowing us to be a part of your day.  Congratulations and we wish you many many years of love, laughter and fun times together.  We have no doubt that there will be no shortage of fun times.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Matt and Aimee Engagement Session

You never know what your going to find in Tucson. We went to a location and...... well most of the park was shut down. Sooo, Jon and I got there early to scout locations and behold we came across this little gem of a spot. The sunlight hitting the tall grass just made for some amazing shots.

As I have mentioned I am a little behind.....Aimee and Matt actually got married last weekend so you will be seeing their wedding pics coming soon.

What a sweet look from Aimee.

They used this one for their signing board.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Luis and Isela Wedding at Saguaro Buttes

Ugggg, I am so behind in posting. Please come back soon, I hope to have another post over the weekend.

September and October has been crazy busy.

But on to our next wedding.

Introducing Isela and Luis. Married at the lovely Saguaro Buttes. I can not put in words what a lovely couple they are. If I tried, I guess it would be - Sweet and spirited, and sweet spirited. Isela always had a smile on her face. I fell in love with them.

Isela had the most amazing veil. And...well.....we had to showcase it.

Girls having a toast one last time.

Jon caught a couple great shots during the ceremony with children. Love her look. Just makes you smile.

This next one of the flower girl is the grooms daughter and we just chuckle every time we look at this shot of her just casually hanging out during the vows. She is probably pondering.....wonder if they are having white cake or red velvet....LOL

Ahhhhh. They are just so cute together.

During the taking of the garter, there was a group of boys watching intently. I love how they all tilt their head in the Forrest Gump tilt. I am sure they are all trying to figure out how this crazy tradition has anything to do with a wedding. And probably thinking.....Ewwwwww. LOL

Ambrosia Wedding Cakes Made this incredible (Let me say again) Incredible cake.
I will leave you with the group of boys having a good time, as did all their guests. The little guys got some air. It was an amazing Wedding Day. Congratulations.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Samantha and Brett E-Session at UofA

Love and Fun.....Fun and Love......Fun Lovin

Brett and Samantha are getting married. We did their engagement photography session at the U of A. They are both alumni and so it only seemed fitting for them.

We of coarse were very excited to shoot in such a great location as the stadium, and I think my hubby, Jon, will never be the same. He was like a little kid in a candy store.

So we are on the 50 yard line and they had to play a little ball......When in Rome!!!!

llllllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee the following silhouette pics.

Hope you enjoyed viewing this great photo session. We had such a great time. We can not wait till your wedding.