Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Megan and Daniel's luminarie-itious wedding

Oh yes, another Reflections at the Buttes Wedding.  This lovely couple is Megan and Daniel.  Jon and I
always say that the BEST weddings are the ones that are planned and designed around
your personalities, tastes and dreams.

Megan and Daniel did just that.  Colors  were blue and green with and emphasis on Blue. You
will see as we go some of the uniqueness that they created.
We started out the day getting her hair and make up down and then
headed over to Reflections

I love the reflection of mom looking upon her daughter as she
prepares to walk down the isle.

Posh Petals created these one of a kind vibrant flowers.  Wow!!

Guest were handed these simpley cute yet useful wedding programs.  Not only did they
coordinate in color but the guests could use to fan themselves in our lovely warm desert.

I insert here another item that Megan and Daniel did to personalize their wedding.  They went
to Ambrosia of Tucson and explained their vision of a sunset on the cake.  With the mountains at the
bottom and ending with the night sky at the top.  I love it.  Very unique.

Not pictured but the dinner served to guests was a huge surprise.  In fact it wasn't dinner at all.
It was breakfast.  Oh yes, their favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  So that is what was served.
Eggs, bacon and all the fixins.  Love it!!

Daniel wanted to add another special touch of his own hands.  He created these lovely luminaries
to float on the water.  In some cultures they are used at celebrations giving a symbol of  hope and
good wishes.  Some people make wishes as they set them afloat.  I wonder what they wished for.
I am sure this day was a wish come true!

Congratulations to you both.  May you have a wonderful, prosperous and harmonious life.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Greg and Kara at Reflections at the Buttes

Hello to all from Reflections at the Buttes in our wonderful Tucson, AZ.
  Greg and Kara had a beautiful and colorful wedding here
at Reflections

Greg and Kara chose to do a special first meeting so they could get the majority of their pictures
done prior to the ceremony and enjoy more of the cocktail hour with their family.

The beautiful glorius singing red flowers on the gazebo and for the wedding party was
created by The Good Sunflower.

All the girls with the exception of one were all college roommates.   They have all
been in the other girls weddings and Kara was the last to go.

Both Kara and Greg had their own ideas of bling.  Lovin Kara's....can you say
Charming Charlies.

No matter if they had seen each other prior to the ceremony, there is never words to explain that first
look as the woman of his dreams is coming down the isle to become one with him.

The colors of their wedding was red and turquoise.  And boy did they pop!!!!

I thought this gift to guests was priceless.  The couple made a donation to the Arizona Desert Rotti and
Pals Rescue Organization. 
The cake was created by Busy Bee.

The seating arrangements were interesting and worked.  They had a large party and they had
significant others.  So instead of placing everyone at separate tables, they
placed people on both sides of the long table.  GENIUS 

Oh yes, their first dance.  love the expressions.

The father dance was spontaneous and fun.   Kara got some air.

As we went into night shots.....Well we got a little carried away.....With fun and hotness!!

Kara and Greg left the room and the groomsmen wanted to surprise the couple with these shots when
the couple looked at the pictures.  Knowing the type of friends they had, my guess they were not
 surprised or shocked.  LOL

We love being a part of each and everyone of our couples. 

Best wishes and lots of hugs, laughter and happiness.

Leslie and Robert were married at Westward Look.  So often in AZ,
Grounds of different venues change due to the season.  We were blessed
with some beautiful colors in the garden and blue sky's. 

Leslie and Robert had that twinkle in their eyes that we so often
see.  When that twinkle is there, love is in the air,
and we know this is a union to last the entire span of
their lives.

The wedding was hosted by Reflections at the Buttes.  They organized the ceremony and
reception.  John also was the minister in the ceremony.
 What a beautiful sky full of billowy clouds.  Yummy.

Tanya at In Full Bloom created the glorious flower arrangements.  The colors are just stunning.

Ohhhhh they were blessed with an amazing sky of color -  painted just
for them to bless their day.

Here are some of the details that set off the ambiance of the night.  Deck of cards with the couple's
name on it.   Great gift for their guests.  And yes, Robert must be a Steelers Fan.

Village Bake House was the creator of this simply stunning cake topped with the cutest couple in history......
Mikey and Mini.

ahhhhhh the first dance.  Waltzing into their new live with each other.

We end the night as Leslie and Robert kissing on the horizon of the city lights.

Have a great life.  We enjoyed being a part of your perfect day.