Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rachael and Frank - The continuation of World Travels starting at Saguaro Buttes

World travelers Rachael and Frank were wed at the beautiful and newly renovated Saguaro Buttes.  We love the versatility of backdrops provided at Saguaro Buttes.  You have the Desert, Green Grass and a beautiful flowing creek and pond.  Its the master mind of Pastor Dave.

Prior to the ceremony the couple chose to do a special meeting.  Jon and I arranged for Rachael and Frank to be on either side of a door, touch hands yet never see each other.  This is a very special way to say I love you yet keep the tradition of not seeing each other.  A very romantic moment.

As I mentioned Rachael and Frank are world travelers so their favors to guests were personalized travel bag tags.  Following the wedding Frank and Rachael went on a two month honeymoon traveling South America to Antarctica.  We talked them into writing a blog while on the trip so their family and us could see their fun adventures.  It was a trip of a life time.

We have spoke often in so many of our blogs....Ambrosia is our favorite Cake designer and the one we recommend.  So I caught Janie and her Husband as they were setting up the cake.

Love love love this idea for your guests.

Onto some fun dancing. They preformed a choreographed 1st dance. It was really cute.

Finishing the night with some beautiful night shots.

Isnt' this gorgeous.  Saguaro Buttes also used this in their new ad with the Tucson Bride and Groom Magazine .

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dan and Carolyn - Giddy and in Love at the Stillwell House

Dan and Carolyn.  Giggles, Squeals and non stop smiling.  This couple glows and puts the fun in fun-loving.  Enjoy the beautiful free-spirited and beautiful wedding that united their marriage on this beautiful day.

Carolyn's mom is an amazing artist and designed and created this one of a kind invitation.
I just loved her classic lace wedding dress.  It fit her figure like an hourglass and just love the V in the back.  I must admit I really loved her purse too.

There ceremony was held at the Historic Stillwell House in Downtown.  Beautiful quaint venue.  And bonus located in our downtown with close access to amazing and unique backdrops.

Carolyn and Dan just glow with giddiness (if that is a word).  They giggle when they look at each other and have this unspoken language that only the two of them know.

See you can see it in their eyes.

Carolyn's bridesmaid is her little sister. She was wearing a vintage dress found on 4th ave I believe. It was sexy and very apropos of the venue and feel of the wedding


This is Carolyn's grandfather.  90+.  She just squealed with delight and I thought this was just precious.  Then grandpa proceeded to kiss her over and over seeing the reaction he got from the rest of us.  Priceless moment. 

On to our first dance following dinner.  Have you seen a picture yet, where Carolyn is not squealing with joy.  It definitely was contagious.

Ambrosia made this delicious and white lace designed cake.  The topper had two wedding couples and with Carolyn and Dan in the background made 3 couples.

Dan loves his car. they exited, or should I say peeled out to start their life.  If you look closely at the bottom picture you can see smoke coming off tires.  We feel bless to be a part of such a joyous wedding and amazing couple.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sylvester and Sasha's Engagement Session at U of A

We met up with Sasha and Sylvester at the U of A campus for their engagement session.  They both went to school here and this is where they met.  It was a bit on the wet side this day.  These two love birds love to travel and have a Zest for life.

Since it was a little rainy, Sylvester brought along his umbrella he has had for years.......of coarse it is Loony Toons Sylvester the cat.  Ahhhhhh!!

Help the sky is on fire.   No, just an amazing sunset.